Monday, May 18, 2009

Snazzy New Hat!

I actually saved up enough cooking awards to obtain the Chef's Hat. It took 100 awards but unlike other dailies, there is a chance to obtain more than one award each day. I also got the achievement for buying the hat.

Luckily I had kept up doing these dailies even after obtaining all the cooking recipes. My reasoning was that if they added new recipes, it would be put on that vendor and I'd be all prepared to buy whatever I was missing.

About a month ago I discovered the Chef's Hat on the vendor (yeah I don't read patch notes anymore). Luckily I already had 60 some awards stored up so in about a month I was able to earn the extra 40.

The crazy thing is that with the addition of this hat, I now have gotten all the cooking achievements available. I focus on the silliest things.

I don't know if I'm going to continue doing the cooking daily. I may just take a break from it for a bit. For one thing I have 200 Northern Spices in my bank. This even while I was using them to make fish feasts for raids. That's a lot of stinking spices. I'll probably pick back up on the daily when this stock gets a little low.


Anonymous said...

Grats on your hat!

It took me a while to notice the hat too, honestly. I think I'll end up getting it in the end, since I don't have many more recipes to buy and... what else am I going to do with the darn things?

It better be a magic hat though, for that price - please tell me it's magic!

Desdarii said...

It's hardly magic. Just a really expensive RP piece. :(

You should be able to pull feasts out of it or something!