Monday, May 18, 2009

Of the Exodar

I started the Argent Tournament quests later than most. Gee kept telling me how great jousting was and I honestly just wasn't interested. I just kept doing my own little round of dailies and completely ignored that little patch in Icecrown.

That was until Gabi notified me that there were pets to be had from this jousting nonsense. Damn. Now I have to do it.

My first experience with jousting was something along the lines of, "oh my god this is way too flipping hard. I hate it forevers." I couldn't really figure it out and kept dying in attempts to defeat anything.

Gabi and Dumadin came and assisted me with my quests and thank goodness they did or I wouldn't of gotten them done at all. Gabi then helped explain what buttons he was mashing and in what sequence so I could stop dying and maybe actually do the quests on my own.

So thanks to my gnome coach I was able to start adding these dailies to my task list and actually complete them on my own. I made it all the way to Champion and got my "Desdarii of the Exodar" title.

I also got a little squire for a pet. It sounds so wrong to call this little boy that faithfully follows me around a pet. I'm pretty sure I'm breaking some child labor laws by having him carry all my stuff, too. At least I don't miss my little orphan from Children's Week as much now.

Achievement update: I am now 7 pets away from Lil' Game Hunter. Go me!

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