Monday, May 4, 2009

Higher Learning

I forgot to mention it but a couple days ago I finally found the last book I was missing for the Higher Learning achievement. It was the book in the Dalaran Visitors Center. I stopped in there looking for it I couldn't tell you how many times. I've found many other interesting books sitting there instead of the book I needed. I've been looking for this book for probably about 2 months now.

The weird thing is that popping into the Visitor Center is such a part of my Dalaran routine, I find myself still looking inside simply out of habit. It's sort of strange not to have to do that anymore.

The best news is that I am 9 pets away from Lil' Game Hunter. Pretty exciting!


Spicytuna said...

Grats! I still check spots out of habit too, and announce them in /bookclub chat.

Mae said...

Congrats!! Those books are a nightmare to find and I'm not patient enough to camp them. lol.

Anonymous said...


I really need to develop a routine that takes these things into account

Alburet said...

Grats Des.