Wednesday, June 3, 2009

A Night of Raiding

Last night Gabi said he would watch the baby and let me have a night raiding once again. I forgotten how much fun it was. I have missed hanging out with those 9 wonderful people!

Where did we go?

They took me to the Vault of Archavon. I have helped destroy Archavon many times but Emalon was new to me. It wasn't very difficult but seeing and trying the new fight was super fun. Gee even had to save me once when I accidentally got too close to a Tempest Warder. I couldn't help it. I was excited and had to see!

Next we went to the Eye of Eternity to face off with Malygos. I've been in here before but it was just a "Hey lets see what's in there" trip. We didn't even make it past phase one. They have all defeated Malygos since then but I was nervous I was going to muck up the works. I did fine until phase 3 and riding the dragon. Basically I freaked out, didn't stay with the group and died out of stupidness. We didn't defeat him that time anyway and the next time I felt much more confident having seen what was going to happen.

I had thought I would finally get my champion of the frozen wastes title but unfortunately it appears I have yet to do Heroic Stratholme. I know for a fact I have done this before as I helped Earynn get his Bronze Drake. I some how got cheated on credit for finishing that dungeon. Maybe I can find some time some weekend to finish off that achievement.

Was a good night! I had a lot of fun.


Alburet said...

Yeah we miss the Des. She kept us moving no more lollygagging around. Hehehe and Des if ya need a tank I volunteer Ben when ever i'm on.

Gee said...

Very, very happy we got to have you along! I wasn't kidding when I said what I said :) Its good to have the two of you around every so often!

And I will gladly tank or DPS a Bronze Drake run for you :)Just pick a day!

Earynn said...

Missed you a bunch, Des! Glad you could make it. =)

There was a bug a few patches ago where everyone who had gotten credit for killing Mal'Ganis, mysteriously lost credit (but only for the purposes of Champion of the Frozen Wastes). Hop on sometime and we'll blow thru Strat to go finish that up for ya.