Thursday, June 11, 2009

Battle Bot

Today I redeemed my Battle-Bot pet from the Mountain Dew promotion. It just looks like a bot but it has two empty canisters on the back. I supposedly was to receive fuel for the bot but I didn't get any. I can get some tomorrow anyway. I really just needed another pet.

I'm not sure when the pet became available. I thought they would email me or something with a code. But there it was on the home page staring me in the face. "Battle-Bot Pet: claim now..." Yeah I can be a bit slow at times.

I'm now 3 pets away from Lil' Game Hunter. I have 2 more argent tournament pets to get. I got the sheep yesterday. I just about jumped out of my skin when that Elwynn wolf came out and ate it. I was desperately trying to kill it and save my sheep.

I'll have to either farm for or suck it up and purchase a whelp to get that final pet. Good thing all I do is dailies! I might be able to afford one!


Gee said...

Hey Des, did you know you could trade with the Horde since the pets are technically BoE...might make it easier on you if you can find someone willing to swap. I saw it on the realm forums the other day, should still be on the front page! Good luck!

Desdarii said...

Good idear. I will work on getting my other two first and then just keep getting pets to trade with hordlings.

Oh and I just logged in Goldy and she got a battle-bot too. Neat! I didn't know all my toons were getting it!