Friday, June 26, 2009

Sandbox Tiger

My husband enjoys the WoW Minis quite a bit. Not so much for playing the minis game, just because he likes collecting them. He recently graduated from college and for one of his presents we got him two mini boxes.

In one of the boxes there was a Sandbox Tiger card. Since he is a loving and wonderful husband he gave the card to me. I'm sort of a sucker for stupid nonsense items. It's pretty fun to play with. For those not aware, it's like one of those playground rocker toys. This is a spectral tiger on a spring.

Here I would of most likely included a picture of me riding my new Sandbox Tiger but unfortunately my WoW screenshots folder got corrupted somehow. I logged in to take a new picture last night but went and killed Ahune instead and then completely forgot all about my tiger. Sorry. I've always been a bit ditsy though. Maybe I'll remember to take one some other time and include it.

My only complaint would be it only has 50 charges. Why!? Why can't I just have a Sandbox Tiger toy to play with forever? It's just a fun silly item. It makes me sad and now I don't use it as much as I probably normally would just because I want to save it for special occasions.

In other news, I have finished all the Fire Festival events and got my new title. Woo! Desdarii the Flame Warden. Yeah, I don't suspect to be using that one often.


Mae said...

The sandbox tigers are so cute! Your husband is a nice guy for giving it to you. Loveth and I argue over that stuff. We got blizzcon on DirecTV last year and he guilted me into getting the mount. Then, when we could only get one WotLK collectors edition, I got it and the pet. Now, I'm wondering what's going to happen when we get BlizzCon this year, it comes with a pet, which he knows I've been trying to collect. So, I'll probably get it!

Brajana said...

I hate things with charges! I always end up just saving them because I'm afraid of running out. I think I've still got that 3-charge Yeti from a Winterspring quest! :P

I actually didn't know the sandbox tiger had charges, and that makes me a very sad troll.

But it is super cute, hope you enjoy it!

Dumadin said...

Blah blizz fails again. Come on a silly little fun thing and you put charges on it why blizz. Okay enough of that GRATS Des. on the new silliness and the title and one step from Meta. I look foward to seeing you on the new drake after brewfest.